Jabra Direct

Jabra Direct 6.1

Make softphone calls via Jabra USB audio devices
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Turn your system into a call center with the assistant for Jabra USB audio devices. Initiate and receive calls in the softphone mode, check notifications, view detailed logs, add and remove contacts, switch between different user numbers, change sound modes, etc.

Jabra Direct is free PC software enabling Jabra USB devices to have Remote Call Control over most softphones. It also brings you features to personalize your Jabra device, to improve your device with firmware upgrades and offers a Dashboard with status to ensure everything is ready for the next call. Now includes Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer.

Enhance your confidence in making and receiving softphone calls using Jabra USB audio devices with Jabra Direct. Jabra Direct has a user-friendly dashboard that can be easily accessed via the Jabra Direct J-icon in the Windows Notification area. In the dashboard you will see headset and softphone connectivity status, so you know everything is ready for each and every call.

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